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Exotic Hunt Mar 2 - 7, 2003 Bar E Ranch


Well the hunt at Bar-E-Ranch, Hondo, Texas, proved to be an awesome trip with the best part of it – being with my
best friend, Brian. We arrived tired but as soon as we saw the ranch we saw animals that got our blood flowing.
Weather was not that good, rainy and cool. Nevertheless we spent ˝ day we had left scouting to start our hunt on 3rd
of March. We got some spots set up with a few tripods and made few holes in brush and cactus for chairs to hunt on.
At 1st day of hunting we took a little postal Jeep that Mr. James, the owner, provided, and headed out. Rainy and
cold – not a lot game moved, but we saw enough of it to keep us far from boredom. Soon after still hunt we stalked
hard having chance for few shots, but nothing we wanted. Evening hunt was good – more game up and about, but all
shots were to far for a bow. That night after coffee we hunted hogs till midnight but only saw couple that ran off .

2nd Day (on 4th of March) very heavy fog and cool made morning slow but Brian Todd took his first Bow Kill Exotic
being ˝ a Hawaiian Ram and ˝ Texas Dahl with nice white strip falling down its face - just shy making bronze in a
record book. Later that afternoon I stalked within 7 yards to shoot a good boar in its bed, but never found him,
not even with dogs. Later that night at dark we heard him fighting with coyotes.
That evening we saw game but no kills. After dark hogs stirred well, and we tried hard to make a kill, with no luck,
but a lot of fun.

3rd Day went good with Brian stalking up on Corsican Ram that might go silver or gold in Exotic Book of Records
with score of 89. I saw some big Fallow and Axis deer which is what I was after. Could have taken some Rams and
Aoudad but I already taken those.

After dark we were hunting hogs. Ran into about 20+ and I got into a good one and trailed him till light went out
and was exhausted. Once again, only to loose it. I think mechanical broad heads not good for hogs over 100 pounds
unless very close and behind shoulder quartering away.

4th Day was good. We saw a lot of game including some good Whitetail deer and Albanian doe. The oddest thing I
staked a hog shot it, but it never moved leaving me only to find out that it was already dead, apparently killed and
lost by a hunter before me. Oh! Well.., it was laid up in cactus pretty well hidden. Brian took nice Aoudad for his
exotic as a part of Texas package. All he needed was a hog to have gotten it all, but never did, but had a super time trying. (He’s not sick in this  picture just content.)

I took a decent purebred Mouflon that is proven to be a hard animal to hunt by bow. It was my first, so I took it
with a quick, clean kill. I saw and tried to take a few that would for sure be a world class.

There was much more on this trip. As for the price and the facilities we stayed in and used, it’s simply hard to
beat for a chance to hunt with ole stick and string. It was not as easy as you might think. There were 9 hunters in
one group for 4 days and 2 more for 2 days before us and only one animal taken, but all had their chance as they
would tell you, as well as no regrets for hunt. It is hunting. Make your shot count best you can. And if you hunt as
me and my friend did – hard and steady – there will be no reason you wouldn’t harvest an animal. And maybe even one
that well exceeds what you paid for with no trophy fees attached.

All I can say, it was just a great trip with hardly a dull moment. Until next trip, good Lord willing. Shot straight and true.


Victor C.H. Scarinzi
Anacoco, LA 2003
Fin-Feather-N-Fur Taxidermy since 1985.