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Victor C.H. Scarinzi - Taxidermist
Phone - 337-239-6838
email: vchscarinzi@earthlink.net

Est. 1985


Wildlife Art To Enjoy Forever

My combination of extensive experience, modern methods of taxidermy, and state of the art materials ensures you a realistic looking trophy that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Each mount deserves my very best with a focus on quality, character & individuality.

Anatomical accuracy & attention to detail is a must.

Preserving your memory of an adventure is the ultimate goal.

Distinctive & unique presentations available.


C H Scarinzi

Trophy Care

Proper Care for your trophy in the field will ensure you receive the best possible mount money can buy. Many Sportsmen have lost their chance to preserve their trophy because they didn't take the proper care after catching or harvesting the animal.

Below you'll find some helpful tips to ensure you will get the quality mount you deserve.


Do not gut your fish.  

If possible wrap the fish in a wet towel and double wrap it in a plastic bag and freeze it flat.

Be careful with the fish's fins and scales. These are fragile and could limit how you may have your trophy mounted.

Do not put your trophy on a stringer. If possible keep it in a live well or just place it in a cooler.


Do not gut birds.

Wash as much blood and dirt off the bird's feathers as possible.

Place the bird's head under a wing and double wrap in plastic and freeze whole.

Be as careful as possible with the bird's feathers.


Leave as much of the hide as possible. Its better to have too much than not enough.

Do not cut the deer's throat.

Don't drag the deer out of the woods. This causes major hair loss which your Taxidermist may not be able to hide.

Skin and freeze as soon as possible.



Exotic Hunt Mar 2 - 7, 2003 Bar E Ranch

Exotic Hunt May 2002

African Safari 2003